Malls & Shopping Center

The industry of retail stores and shopping centers with Nepal is growing and to meet the demand of this industry with quality services, experiences and expertise we have further established our services and skill to meet the requirements of this sector.

We have a group of specialized cleaning technicians that deal only with the retail and shopping centers/malls. They apply the relevant chemicals that adhere to the industry guidelines (as with all our services), to provide a step-by-step approach to cover large areas of cleaning with attention to detail.

In the retail and shopping center industry, we can confidently say that there is no job small enough or large for us to clean and shine.

Hospital Cleaning

Khem’s Cleaning Services provides a unique approach to cleaning hospitals. Because hospitals are such sensitive places, we believe in providing thorough and meticulous cleaning at every nook and cranny with super-extra care. Furthermore, we pay special attention to the health and well-being of everyone involved.

For hospitals, we are able to provide the full range of services, from proper chemical-included mopping so as to thoroughly get rid of every odour and stains, to window squeezing and scrubbing the floor and many more.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry demands a high turnover of cleaning services, which is usually based on urgency, and quality assurance becomes a priority.

This is a service which we can remedy for 24 hours, 7days week bases. We have reduced our processing times to be more dynamic and sustaining to the urgent needs of this industry.

We are committed to fending for the entertainment industry, by providing our services to pubs, clubs, bars, motels, hotels, restaurants, sporting venues and even concert venues.

This is a line of business services that we thoroughly enjoy accomplishing. There is nothing like seeing a clean, healthy and safe venue that is ready to entertain all Nepalese.

Other Services

It is our goal to ensure that all of our clients’ cleaning needs are fulfilled and more. We cater to many religious and world heritage sites here in Nepal. We particularly specialize within the industries of commercial and office, educational institutions, hospitals, the entertainment industry, strata council and the government, retail and shopping centers and the hospitality industry.

We are convinced, with a proven track record, that our approach to both our profession and our clients is second to none. It is in our best interest to provide a high-end cleaning solutions to our customers, keeping your location always clean, healthy and safe. We guarantee your satisfaction with the best possible standards.

Let’s go international with clean Nepal!

We are expertise in such various sector.

World Heritage Sites Cleaning, Corporate & Office Cleaning, Local/Provincial/Federal Government Office and Building Cleaning, Malls & Shopping Centres Cleaning, Educational Institutions Cleaning, Hotels/Hospitality Industry Cleaning, Hospitals Cleaning, Entertainment Industry.

We Also Provide Deep Cleaning  Services such as