Message from Board

Mr. Shikhar Lamichhane

Mr. Shikhar Lamichhane

Chief Executive Officer

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Khems cleaning website. I am Shikhar Lamichhane, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

One of the questions I am most normally posed since I began is, “what is going to change now that you are on board?” As we all know, the maximum of cleaning companies in Nepal are more concerned in providing cleaning technicians, chemicals and equipment. We stand out against others by providing H.R. Audit report to any organization and providing Training and Development to our client’s in-house cleaning staff and supervisor.

I am persistently dazzled by the resourcefulness and innovative quality shown by our staff and the uncommon worth they bring to the organization. This enables us to deliver an added service value and exceptional customer service to our clients who can rely on us to carry out our promises. Our executive team and staff at Khems cleaning services are routinely evaluating and assessing our clients’ needs, the projects/programs we offer, and the adequacy of the service we provide.


Our team forms the backbone of our company. They are equipped with a certain skill set, which sets us apart from others in the industry. Our professional teams of cleaning technicians go through a process of coaching and training, for quality assurance and high standards of customer service delivery. They are experts in commercial environmental management, and we are confident that they can meet and exceed the cleaning requirements of any of our present and future clientele

The management staff at Khem’s Cleaning Service is always there to support our client’s needs and requests at all times. We continually seek to help our clients to grow their business in a clean, healthy and safe environment. It is our priority and policy to establish a business environment that can maximize and deliver the efficient operational output to support the growth of your business.

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